Before & After: Day 1 vs. Day 30

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Day 30: I did it!

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Before I get ahead of myself - let me thank a few people who have helped me along the way.

Remember? It takes a village to raise a child? There is more than one man in a one man show!

So here they are - The Village:

You know her - you love her - Leah from Sol Gym! Come on down!

Thanks Ed (Owner) for letting us use the gym.

GoldenLodeStar Productions: Gary and Anthony - thanks for getting up early!

Sun Lounge Tanning Center - one day my abs will shine through - thanks!

The Knotstop - thanks Gordon for the awesome massages! Couldn't have exercised as much as I did without you!

Brad. Someone needs to know what "html" means - right? Just make it happen - I can't be bothered with the details...

Jim. Who knew you could be so patient? Thanks!

And the whole crew at my favorite McDonald's in Hillcrest - San Diego. Thanks for servin' up the goodies!


The Big Mac was introduced in 1968 (the year I was also born). I knew we had a cosmic connection.

This journey is not over. I have about 15-20 pounds to go. I'll be posting photos and comments in the future - so keep checking back for the big ta-da moment.

What's next?

I love cruising (been on Holland America, Carnival, Princess - loved it!) so one thing I think would be a great project would be a "Cruise to Lose".

I think McDonald's could provide all the food - I'd be the motivational guy - and we would invite 2000 people who are over-weight and want to make a change (like me) and just need a nudge. I'll be a nudge.

The week-long cruise would be lots of exercise (of course) and all McDonald's all day. Salads. Grilled chicken wraps, etc... 'Ya think people would like that? Would be fun! We could invite lots of personal trainers. 2000 people losing about 10 pounds for the week? That's 20,000 pounds lost in one week! Wow! Let's get on that one Carnival and McDonald's!

And then there's this idea:

I would run/walk across the country from the "original" McDonald's in San Bernadino, CA to Ray Kroc's "first" McDonald's in Des Plaines, Il. It's about 2000 miles - but that's also a lot of McDonald's to visit. I would stop by every McDonald's I pass by and beg, borrow, steal donations to help the Ronald McDonald House Children Charities. I've always wanted to raise money for charity and do something nice. It's nice being nice. All warm and fuzzy.

I'm also writing about this - maybe McDonald's for Dummies.

You have not heard the last of me. This is just the beginning.

I invented McVeggies!

A small container with celery, carrots, broccoli, tomato's with a little ranch dipping sauce? Yum!

I'll see if McCorporate likes that one.

Starting weight: 203
Ending weight: 188

15 pounds. 30 days.


See you tomorrow!

Day 29: OMG! 1 more day...

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15 pounds!

Here's what I ate and what I did:

This was my typical breakfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner-snack and daily exercise routine:

6 am: Wake up - stretch - meditate
7am: Cardio (1 hour minimum)
8am: Breakfast Burrito (300 calories) and Low Fat Milk (130 Calories)
9 am: Work
10 am: Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait (130 Calories)
1 pm: Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap (x2) (620 Calories) and Low Fat Milk (130 Calories)
3 pm: Apple Dippers (No Caramel) (35 Calories)
6 pm: Southwestern Salad with Grilled Chicken (No Dressing) (320 Calories)
8 pm: Apple Dippers (No Caramel) (35 Calories)

Water, water, and more water...

Total for the day: 1700 calories.

On my days off from work - or when I was really Jones'n for extra cardio - I'd do another hour of cardio-running-rowing machine-stair master-elyptical...

Sweat, sweat, and more sweat...

There is no secret here folks. I cannot tell you anything you already didn't know.

Eat right. Exercise. Good a good nights sleep. Have balance in your life. Enjoy your friends. Love your family. And in the end, the universe should take care of itself.

Can you eat anywhere? Yeah, sure.

Can you eat anything? Not always.

The whole point of the last 30 days was to prove to myself that I could go any restaurant, make good food choices, and with a little exercise - just possibly - I could make a small change in my life.

And I did.

See you tomorrow!

Day 28: 2 more days!

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14 pounds!

Yes - I said it - a whole Thanksgiving Day Turkey! (Minus the inside giblet pieces!)

With only 2 more days to go - Monday is just a precious 48 hours away. I can smell the sugar in my first Pepsi already! If you put your face close enough - you can get the fizz from the bubbling sweet nectar on your lips as you raise that golden chalice to take your first sip. Sip hell?! I'm guzzling my Pepsi. Should last about 1 minute I'm guessin'!

Not entirely true. I am a changed person. Huh? What gives? Maybe once in a while I'll a Pepsi - it just won't be a staple of my diet anymore.

Many people have asked: "What next?"

Well...I (obviously) do plan to continue to eat healthy and lose weight - still got about 20 more pounds to go (ugh!) - but after this 30 Day McBinge - I am going to try to eat more organic fruits and vegetables. Heck - at this point - I just want to sit down for dinner and not go through a drive through.

The folks who work at my favorite McDonald's (University Avenue in Hillcrest - San Diego) have become so familiar to me on a daily basis - it seems kinda sad I won't be seeing them regularly. It's like summer camp - and this is the last weekend. I've had my last swing from the tree rope over the lake and now I've already forgotten how good it was... {insert sad face}

But - on the bright side - I am at 14 pounds and should make 15 by Monday - and get this? (I still can't believe it!) - I ate at McDonald's - every day! Yes - truly - nothin' but...

One of the more interesting things I found out (uh oh...self-discovery moment coming up...) I didn't think I could do a whole month with only eating at McDonald's. I mean - that was the whole point - but honestly - now that it is here - I surprised myself. Yikes!

Game night with friends? Nothing!

A weekend in Las Vegas? Forget about it!

Day in and day out. Nothin' but net! (March Madness basketball reference!)

Today: 1 hour of morning cardio at the gym - then an hour of mid-afternoon running - and then a hike up Cowles Mountain. Yup! 3 hours of cardio in one day without breaking a sweat. Well - I did break a sweat...I mean... you get the idea!

Funny thing happened on the way to office this morning - I lost 14 pounds!

Woo Hoo!

See you tomorrow!

Day 27: Good Morning San Diego!

Today I was featured on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego (Thanks Mike C.)

Click on the link below to watch my segment. It's just about 5 minutes long.

It was a great opportunity for me to get my message out to a large number of people at one time.

And here's another link to a newspaper article about my adventure that was in the San Diego Union Tribune (Thanks Mike S.)

After the morning interview it was off to work - yes - just like any other day.

That's the whole point here. I did not take any additional time off from work over the last 30 days to do this. I went to work like every body else. I was not sequestered on the "Ranch" of The Biggest Loser - this is the real world, folks!

And to make sure I got in as much cardio as possible - yes - I even walked home from work like a little pack mule carrying tourist down a dusty trail to the bottom of The Grand Canyon (ugh!).

I never get a day off! It's all just

Yikes! Only 3 more days left.
Admittedly - I am stuck at the 12 pound mark.
I honestly thought this was going to be a 30-pound miracle month. No one thought that was possible.
Maybe I bite off more than I could chew? Get it?! Ha Ha!
So I adjusted my goal for the month to 20 pounds. Still a little aggressive - but not entirely unreasonable.
What I did not want to happen was to lose any amount of weight quickly - and then just slowly put it back on. Leah was quick to remind me that losing weight slowly is the best recipe for success. (Recipe for success? Ha Ha again... Will the the constant food references never stop?!)
So here I am - almost done with my initial 30 days of eating at McDonald's - only 3 days left - I lost (so far) a total of 12 pounds.
Wanna hear something scary? In my French Fry-Pepsi-chocolate deficient state of mind - I've actually had thoughts of continuing The McDoug Diet (Do It Doug's Way - there's a million of 'em.)
Huh? Serious?
Must been a brief lapse in judgement. 30 days is pretty good to stick to anything. Going for more just seems - well...crazy? Whadd'ya think?
Don't worry. Probably won't happen.
Please keep checking back - even after these initial 30 days have come and gone - I'll still be updating with photos and weight loss.
Remember? Journey. Not destination.

See you tomorrow!

Day 26: I think I'm gonna miss this...

4 days left.

Alright now - don't lose focus - almost there.

Let's have an exercise distraction - ready?

I might just want to become a personal trainer after this is all said and done. And when I mean done - I mean 25 more pounds from now (ugh!)

I think there is a niche for me to fill. I've had two low back surgeries (gross!) and I think I can relate to a client who may have a similar situation like mine. So - with that said - I think I would be a good personal trainer, sympathetic, understanding, and motivating - yeah!

Well - let's find out. Try this with me.

Stand with your hands on your hips - feet together - and we're going to "lunge" forward with the right leg first.

Step forward with your right leg so your left knee almost touches the ground - about 2inches from the floor. Take a good stride forward when you do that - this will really stretch and work your right quad (the big muscle on the top of your right leg).

After "lunging" forward - return back to the starting position with your feet together.

Then repeat this motion - starting with the left leg "lunging" forward - keeping the right knee about 2 inches from the floor.

Do this routine slowly so you can do at least 10 from each side.

Feel the burn yet?

Make sure to keep your back straight.

To add a little somethin' to this - you can add dumb bell weights to each hand (even 5 pounds is good enough).

See? Isn't exercising fun? You didn't need a gym or any equipment? You didn't need a spotter. Health disclaimer: Always check with your doctor to see if you can complete this or any other stretching or exercising before beginning. Be safe. Not sorry.

The thing that I discovered is that if you learn one thing today - remember it tomorrow - and add one more thing - then after a while - you'll be able to train yourself.

Discipline is a whole other blog.

Did you actually do it? Or just read this? Try it. What could it hurt.

Walk the talk people! Keep it moving! It's a journey not a destination!

See you tomorrow!

Day 25: This is my last Wednesday

5 days to go.

This is me at Mt. Helix near San Diego. One great thing about living here in Southern California is the climate. You can always go outside and exercise. There are so many choices for outdoor activities here. One obvious choice is running. You can always get in a good run. You don't need equipment or another person.

After calculating my daily calories with my abacus this morning - I was trying to figure out how many calories you burn running up a hill. When it's hot out. With an extra sweatshirt. Hmm...? I know this much - if it hurts - 'ya must be burning up the calories.

Kinda like the idea - don't worry so much about the numbers on the scale - if your pants are looser - then things are moving right along.

Which - by the way - has totally happened. My fat jeans don't really fit anymore. Pretty loose-y goose-y. I love it!

Sweat is like your fat has turn to moisture and is jumpin' ship. I love it! The harder the workout - the better! If it's hard to breath - you're working hard. I like the down and dirty, gut-wrenching, no-I'm-not-reading-a-magazine-while-running on the treadmill at the gym hard (gimme a break wussies!) - I mean a real workout!

Do you ever see Bob and Jillian on The Biggest Loser say to the contestants:

"Say Kristin, when you get done reading that article 'ya wanna join us for a couple of push-ups?"

Uh - not! Get in. Get out. Get done.

Let me give you a little somethin' somethin' from south of the Mason-Dixon Line that fits in this situation:

{Spit out your chewin' tabacc-y now...} "Git 'er done!"

Yeah - it's simple and stupid - but gawd - it's gets to the point - right?

The fluff and puff of health club lemmings can't be serious. If you want to see a change - 'ya gotta make a change - duh!

And let me tell you about change. Me? Not drinking Pepsi for a month?! Huh? What?

Alert: Blue light flashing. Beeping noise from a fork lift backing up. Here it comes...bumper sticker time (I hate this already...)

Ahem... "If I can do it - so can you!"

I could barely get that out. I hate it. It means nothing to no one. Until you are ready - it 'aint gonna happen.

Was I ready? Geez - I don't know.

All's I'm sayin' is - I was sick and tired of being chunky. (What bothers me about this whole thing is - I never used to be fat. I used to be a healthier weight...)

Whatever...this is not a victim story - just a story about change and possibility. day at a time and one step at a time - anything is possible. You CAN do it.

Now - stop reading this and drop and give me ten!

If you're not used to exercising - just stretching for 10 minutes will feel like a workout. Try it! See you tomorrow!

Day 24: I need a Pepsi !

6 days to go!







Day 23 - Kickin' er up a notch!

7 days to go...

This morning at 7 am was 10 minutes in the sauna and then 10 minutes on the Stairmaster (100 calories) and back to the sauna and then 10 minutes on the treadmill (100 caloires) and back to the sauna and then 10 minutes on the rowing machine (100 calories) and back to the sauna and then 10 minutes on the elyptical machine (100 calories).

I hate exercising! I love exercising! I hate exercising! I hate exercising!

Day 22 - Feed Me Seymore!

I'm not hungry - I should actually be eating less than I am - but I need something (else) to eat!

I love McDonalds's - I want a Big Mac right now! I just need something else I can eat that isn't so healthy or - do I dare say? - boring and bland...

I like the food - it's just that I'm not a dog who is used to eating the same thing day after day after day after day...

I have never smoked cigarettes - but I've heard that smokers who quit - are acutely more aware of cigarette smoke than others. Same here. Not necessarily the smells and texture and flavor of food - but the conversations people have about food: "What are you doing for dinner?" "Wanna grab a drink?" "How about we meet for happy hour?" Ugh!

I need a margarita! I need some chips and salsa! I want to mindlessly walk around a grocery store planning a nice meal at home with all my favorite comfort foods! I'm a meat-and-potatos kinda guy.

8 more days...

Day 21 - Finally...10 lbs!

Well - that took way too long! 10 lbs! Finally!

It took me 21 days to lose 10 lbs!

I am not frustrated (ugh!) - I mean - 10 lbs. is 10 lbs. right? I just thought I would have sailed right through this month - lickity split - that was an easy 20 lbs. - not!

This is going slower than I thought. If you were going to measure the speed of my weight loss - you could use a sundial in Nome, Alaska in winter.

Whatever...I'm losing weight...

10 lbs. is 35,000 calories. (1 lbs. is 3,500 calories - you knew that - right?)

Losing one calorie is measure by the amount of energy, or heat, it takes to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

Huh? What? It's a lot of freakin' running - that's what is is!

Yes - your side will hurt. You'll want to throw up. Your face will turn red.

Having fun yet?

Day 20

"Mc-Did-You-Know" ?

Ronald McDonald was introduced in 1963 and the first person to put on the big red wig and make up was Willard Scott - yes - the weatherman guy from The Today Show - that guy.

Cardio. Sausage McMuffin. Apples. Apples. Apples. Cardio. Southwest Salad with Grilled Chicken. Apples.

Run. Eat. Repeat.

Day 19 - The Very First McDonald's

On our way up to Las Vegas - we stopped at the sight of the very first McDonald's in San Bernardino, CA.
Yes - in California - not Illinois with Ray Kroc.
Here's a new addition to the McBlog - see? - put "Mc" in front of anything and it fits - right?
McDonald's started with two brothers who relocated from New Hampshire to Southern California - Richard "Dick" McDonald and Maurice "Mac" McDonald (yes - this is where the "Big Mac" came from) in 1920. They open their first McDonald's restaurant in 1948. It wasn't until 1955 that Ray Kroc became owner of the chain of restaurants and opened his first McDonald's in Des Plains, Illinois.
I'm standing under the original sign from 1948 from the very first McDonald's ever!
The gift shop at The McDonald's Museum has hundreds of pieces of memorbillia. There are original bags, straws and napkins. The walls are lined with historic photos. It was a very cool experience!
Knowing the historical significance of McDonald's and it's humble beginnings makes me want to eat there even more often now! Gimme some fries!

Day 18 - Home Sweet Home

Just got home from Las Vegas! What a whirlwind of 48 hours! From San Diego to Las Vegas is a 5-hour drive - whew...

I stuck to my diet (even though I don't consider this a diet - just specific food choices...) and got a really good cardio workout in AND in Vegas! Who'da thunk?

When I started this project - one thing I wanted to do was "test" myself to see if the everyday temptations would derail me.

Yes - I did it on purpose.

I didn't want a self-imposed exile turning me into Mr. Spinster McSpinster. The whole point of this was to expose myself to all that the world has to offer - and see if I could make smart food choices.

Answer: Yes.

Now - that didn't come easily. Mentally and emotionally I was kicking and screaming - but I thought pouting about something I did to myself wouldn't help the process - so I put on a brave face and had fun!

There's a McDonald's everywhere you go - I was not hungry.

But - the whole point of vacations (even little one's ) is to enjoy the local flavor and scene. I did enjoy myself and today I'm saying - with no regret - that I'm glad I stuck to my diet.

Could I have exercised more? It's Vegas baby! You have to walk everywhere!

Day 17 - Happy St. "Mc" Patrick's Day

Vegas is going good!

I have not had any alcohol or green beer - even though we got 2 free drinks with our room.

I have only eaten at McDonald's - even thought we got 2 free buffets with our room.

You get lots of free stuff in Vegas! That's the whole point of me coming here. Can I do it? How long can he last? Etc...

So far so good. Truth is - not really tempted. Just focused. Do I want a drink and to gorge at the buffet - duh? - yes! But I'm here for a reason.

Went running this morning on "The Strip". Went past all the big shiny casinos with all the bells and whistles. I really like Las Vegas - it has everything you need - and 24 hours a day!

I've been to 5 different McDonald's - and they've all looked distinctly different. Very cool. Very Vegas.

We took a little "Road Trip" on our "Road Trip" - wen to the Valley of Fire State Park about an hour Northeast of Las Vegas. Geographical wonderland! Incredible red rock formations - very cool!

Gettin' hungry - better stop for some Apple Dippers (no caramel sauce).

Day 16 - Road Trip

Viva McDonald's!

I decided to take the show on the road - just to prove to myself that - yes! - I can stick to healthy food choices and exercise - even in the most tempting city in the world!

See you in Vegas Baby!

Day 15 - Half Way There!

I'm gettin' a little nervous - I only have 15 days to go - yikes!

I've lost 10 lbs. so far - but I need another 10 lbs. just to make the minimum of 20 lbs. for my goal.

I went tanning again today at Sun Lounge Tanning - then a pretty good cardio workout and then off to The Knotstop to see Gordon for my weekly massage. He's amazing!

Remember? It takes a village... there is certainly more than one man in a one man show.

Yesterday it was Jean Charles at The Gym @ 745 (right above Kinkos and Chipotle) for my first Yoga class. That was 90 minutes of extreme stretching.

I am finally making some progress in a weight loss program - so I really appreciate the help I am getting from everyone involved - thanks again Village People!

Tomorrow Jim and I head out on "The Great American Road Trip" - woo hoo! We're going to Las Vegas to show that even during vacations, business meetings, or just a weekend get-a-way, you too can eat at McDonald's and stick to your game plan.

No matter where you are - you should be able to find a McDonald's

{Wait...time out... let me find out how many McD's there are in the country - Google - here I come again...}

Answer: The McDonald's web site says over 30,000 world wide and other sites say there are about 13,500 McDonald's restaurants in America - WOW!

Divided by 50 states - that equals 270 Mickey D's in each and every state!

Hmm...? 270? That's how many Electoral College votes it takes to win the presidency of The United States - go Obama!

Day 14 - Party Animal

This was my first real test - I went to a friends for "Game Night".

Everyone knows what I am doing - so this was not sabotage - it was just the regular food you would see at a party: chips, dip, soda and beer, brownies, sandwiches, etc...

You get it? Everything I wanted was right in front of me. And get this - I wasn't really even that tempted.

Weird - huh?

Granted - I love the food - and god knows - I could'a would'a should'a eaten them before - but now - I have a goal in mind and I have to remain focused.

I impressed myself - but I am counting the days to when I can eat this kind of food again. This time around - I will try to keep it in moderation.

But as far as today goes - kudos to me! (Truthfully - I didn't know if I could do it - and I did!)

16 days until a nice cold Pepsi and counting!

Day 13: Filet-o-Fish Friday

No - I din't eat one. The price is right - $1.29 for a Filet-O-Fish sandwich - who wouldn't - right? But - c'mon? We are on a mission - remember?

Everything hurts like hell!

I had to take a day off today (first one in 13 days...) from running, working out, thinking about exercising, or even walking unneccessarily. Bending over to tie my shoes was such a chore - I actually counted it as "cardio" today. Gawd - that's pathetic!

I am going to Yoga tomorrow morning for the first time ever. What's the difference between Downward Dog and Childs Pose?

I think I'm in trouble...

Day 12 - Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers

Well...Day 12 and I'm holding steady at about the 8 pound mark. On the Biggest Loser (NBC Tuesday's - check your local listing for times...) Bob and Jillian - Trainers Extradorinaire - say that Week Number 2 is harder to lose weight than the first week...hmmm...

Me too (darn).

I lost 8 pounds the first week and now I'm just kinda stuck there.

I did pretty good cardio today - even tried some Yoga (I kinda like it...) and am taking my first Yoga class Saturday morning. (Just went to Target and got my mat and everything - woo hoo!)

Everyday I wake up - I try NOT stepping on the scale - I don't want this project to be just about the numbers - I want to lose weight and feel good - but I can't help myself.

I'm enjoying every bit of this process - so the scale is not really affecting my eating habits - but I do find myself (insert caution lights...beep beep beep...) "worried" about how much I am eating and if it will affect my weight from morning to afternoon to night - ugh!

Now when I say "worried" - I mean - I am trying to lose at least 20 pounds this month - so every little bit counts - right?

But Jim is quick to point out: "You've been hovering around 210 - 215 pounds for the last 8 years - and now that you are around 195 lbs - you wanna complain about NOT losing weight today - give yourself a break - 8 pounds in one week is pretty good..."

That brings me back to one of my personality quirks: Patience (I'm trying - but I need some more...)

Patience Grasshopper. (Mmmm...chocloate covered grasshoppers...mmm...)

Day 11 - Love handle this!

Why isn't the inside of a Twinkie good for you? Or the middle of an Oreo Cookie? Why are French Fries so good and so bad?
I am the product of a system set up designed to control me: Addicted to sugar (yum...Pepsi!) and fatty trans fat foods processed and bleached to perfection to so I can't tell the difference between enriched (sounds good - right?), whole or 100%?
I'm a rat trapped in a maze looking for the cheese - and when I get there - the cheese set out to alure me - will kill me if I eat it! Bastards!
My fatness is not my fault! Where's the magic pill?!
I ran for and hour today (cardio) and then met Leah at Sol Gym (weight resistant training) and then went tanning (Sun Lounge Tanning) so my new-found muscles will show - and then had lunch (McDonald's).
Sweat. Eat. Repeat.

Day 10 - Run Forrest! Run!

Many people have asked: "Are you sick of the food yet?" The truth is - not really - not yet...

Obviously - I like the food at McDonald's - so - no, I'm not sick of it yet - but I do miss cooking at home. And - I can't wait until this month is over so I can have a Big Mac and some French Fries. (I am trying not to eat the more fatty items on the menu.)

Today was another workout with Leah (and one more tomorrow - ugh!) and then it was off to do more filming with the crew in Balboa Park. Then - another hike up Cowle's Mountain. It's a great workout and I love to sweat and get dirty! Exercise is FUN! Woo Hoo!

I'm still losing weight - so I feel good about that. But I just want to be 170 lbs. now! It's so unfair to gain weight so easily and so difficult to lose it. Why? What gives?!

I know every calorie in the food I am eating at McDonald's - but now - with each bite - I am also calculating how miles I have to run to work it off. Sure makes enjoying food a little less.

Don't worry - not discouraged yet. Still love food and always will. Nothing better than a cheeseburger right off the grill with a cold Pepsi... mmm... cold Pepsi (a la Homer Simpson when he drools and dreams about food..."I'm with 'ya Homer!").

Has my McDonald's eating routine become - so - well... routine - that I am now having dreams about my long lost beloved friend Pepsi?

"Don't worry dear friend - we will be together again one day."

Day 9 - March 9

I like Leah - I see her again tomorrow - but I want to make sure I keep on track with my cardio, etc... so I joined 24 Hour Fitness (again!) tonight. Ugh! Spent 2 hours at the gym.

Steam room - elliptical - sauna - treadmill... (Wow?! Some people are in really good shape!)

That'll be me some day...

Day 8 - March 8

(psst...) I've been hovering around 195-198 lbs. the last couple of days but didn't want to tell you 'cuz I didn't want to jinx it.

Truth is...I do feel lighter - I just didn't want people to say it's "water weight" (ugh!)

Yes - I'm exercising more - thusly (is that a word?) sweating more - duh? YES! I'm losing water weight - but I can't keep off 8 pounds of water weight for a week - it must be globular fat - right?

Well - in my book - yes, I am also writing a book about my experience - insert collective groan - "Save it Mary!" - I feel lighter - and thusly (Twice in one blog? What gives?) - yes - thusly - I feel healthier.

I know it's only been one week - here it comes - (me and Oprah are suckers for quotes):

After setting a goal and wanting to make a change - you can say one of two things to yourself:

1. I'm glad I did. {Insert whatever you wanted to change} or

2. I wish I had.

I pefer the first one.

Yes - I lost several pounds. Yes - some of it is probably water weight. But - I feel lighter and healthier - so - for all the hard work I did this last week...

"I'm glad I did it!"

Day 7 - March 7

Well - that was week Number 1.

March 1: 203 lbs.

March 7: 198 lbs.

5 lbs. in one week. Better than gaining wait I guess.

I met with Leah today - good workout. Hard. My back hurts. I then did some more cardio on Cowel's Mountain. The off to Sun Lounge for a quick tan (helps to show off my six pack...)

I did hundreds of situps this week - is it showing yet?

I'm keeping it to around 2000 calories each day. I've tried most of the salads - and a couple of the Grilled Chicken Sandwiches. I'm not bored yet.

Now that I've actually lost a few pounds - I'm getting more excited to exercise more.

7 days down - 23 more to go.

Day 6 - March 6

Good news! I've broken the 200 barrier - I now weigh 199 lbs! Woo hoo!

Bad was Filet-o-Fish Friday at my local McDonald's. That means something maybe I shouldn't have eaten - but it was only $1.29 and I was under 200 lbs. Gimme a break...

Not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in...ouch!

Because of my huge success (sigh) I also ate the 3-pack of chocolate chip cookies. OMG - yum!

Drum roll please?

2515 calories. My worst day yet.

By comparison - I have no idea what I was ever eating before - so this might have been just a regular day-in-the-life-of-Doug BM (before McDonald's).

I promise - more pictures to come. Just not Jones'n on taking pitcures (I know - I know...isn't that the whole point here?) until I'm skinny and cute.

For my morning cardio - I did 60 minutes of jogging and hill work. Hard. My side hurts. But I love the pain!

Tomorrow is Leah. I better get some good sleep.

Day 5 - March 5

Good News. Bad News.

Good News: 200 lbs. (Although better news would'a been losing weight...)

Bad News: Haven't been to the bathroom (Number 2) since Monday...hmmm...?

Kinda gross - but it is what it is. My body is probably in shock.

Not sure if it has anything to do with my new diet - I still like the food - but at this point - my body is probably screaming: "Can we go to Burger King for crying out loud?!"

Went to GNC and a lady talked me into some $40 colon cleansing formula - let's hope this works!

I'm eating several bags of the green apples from McD's.

You'd think that "Apple-a-Day" thing would'a kicked in by now?

What gives - huh? For Pete's sake...

Day 4 - March 4

Calories: 1960

Same food: Snack wraps, salads, apples (hamburger...shh...don't tell...)

No picture today. Why? Cuz I look the same as yesterday! What gives?!

I try to remind myself to be patient. I've never really been good at that.

Today I met with Leah again at Sol Gym in Hillcrest (1040 University Ave. #B-203). No camera crew today - so I was Jones'n for a good workout. I love to sweat and work hard. It went as I expected: difficult. I hope it gets better. I still like it though.

Right after that I went to see Gil at Sun Lounge Tanning (619-683-2066 to get my tan on. My pasty white-ness good use a little color. 4 minutes in the Stand-Up unit is all I needed today. I'll probably stop in there a few times a week.

It was my upstairs neighbors birthday today (Happy Birthday Mark!) and Dave was going to get Pizza Fusion take-out for the party. Anything with the word pizza in it sounds good to me. It's a new company in Hillcrest off of 5th Avenue. The menu is organic. Another 26 days and I can have some too!

McDonald's is good (I like it...) - but I am starting to crave some home-cookin'.

Day 3 - March 3

Day 3: 200 lbs.

3 days. 3 pounds. So far so good.

Calories for the day: 2275

(Yikes! A little too much - I had a burger for lunch...)

I meet with Leah tomorrow at Sol Gym for my first real workout - ugh! I'm sure she'll beat that hamburger out of me.

Today I went hiking on Cowles Mountain here in San Diego. Great morning workout!

I met with a photographer today - Phil - he's great! One of the things I wanted to do was a cool photo shoot when this project is all done. So... I've heard people say - if you are undertaking a project like mine - one thing to maybe do is book a photographer for a certain target date so you can't back out of doing the workouts and losing the weight. So - I did.

Tuesday - March 31. I better look damn sexy. And from the looks of todays photo - I have along way to go.

Be patient grasshopper. One pound at a time.

Day 2 - Monday March 2, 2009

That's not fair! The camera adds 10 pounds!

Jim replys: "How many cameras are on you?"

I think it was the angle of the camera - yikes!

Anyways - today was my first workout with my new trainer - Leah. I wanna say I like her - but I also know she will be the source of pain - so - we probably won't be bests friends (yet...).

Oh - and yeah - this is going to be a documentary. That's Gary - one of the camera crew.

Today I woke up at 6am (that's my goal - ugh!) and went for a little jog - run - hill work for about 45 minutes. Then it was off to McDonald's for my first meal of the day.

The Breakfast Burrito has 300 calories - not bad... and a Low Fat Milk which has 100 calories. $2.14 later and it's time to get ready for work.

On the way to work I stopped at McD's again to get some tide-me-over food until I see Leah for my first beat-down.

Fruit n' Yogurt Parfait: $1.00 and 130 calories.

Apple Dippers (yes - I ate the caramel): $1.19 and 35 calories (oops.. Caramel sauce 70 calories)

After I met Leah at Sol Gym in Hillcrest - San Diego (Thanks Ed!) I got some lunch:

2 Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Snack Wraps (I really like these little guys!): $1.59 and only 260 calories each. Another Low Fat Milk: 100 calories and $0.99.

For Dinner (I'm obsessed now...) I ate 2 more Grilled Chicken Snack Wraps: $1.59 and 260 calories each (again!).

Apple Dippers (again) for a snack at work (had to work late): $1.19 and 35 calories (+ 70 for caramel sauce - I can't stop!).

(This is bad...) Apple Dippers (AGAIN!!) on the way home from work. Just shoot it in my arm already!

Total for the day: $14.66 and 1985 calories.

My goal is to stay under 2000 calories for each day and hopefully keep it under $15.

Today is what I expect each day to be like. But then again... it's only Day 2.

See you tomorrow!

Day 1 - Sunday March 1, 2009

This is my BEFORE photo (ugh!)

And this is my AFTER photo (I hope!)

Today is day one. March 1, 2009.
I weighed myself this morning - yikes! - here it comes: 203 lbs.
It is what it is.
I know your body can only do what it can do in 30 days - but I am committed to making a change...for once (deep breath in through your nose - hold it... exhale slowly...).
Now let's make some magic people!

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