Day 26: I think I'm gonna miss this...

4 days left.

Alright now - don't lose focus - almost there.

Let's have an exercise distraction - ready?

I might just want to become a personal trainer after this is all said and done. And when I mean done - I mean 25 more pounds from now (ugh!)

I think there is a niche for me to fill. I've had two low back surgeries (gross!) and I think I can relate to a client who may have a similar situation like mine. So - with that said - I think I would be a good personal trainer, sympathetic, understanding, and motivating - yeah!

Well - let's find out. Try this with me.

Stand with your hands on your hips - feet together - and we're going to "lunge" forward with the right leg first.

Step forward with your right leg so your left knee almost touches the ground - about 2inches from the floor. Take a good stride forward when you do that - this will really stretch and work your right quad (the big muscle on the top of your right leg).

After "lunging" forward - return back to the starting position with your feet together.

Then repeat this motion - starting with the left leg "lunging" forward - keeping the right knee about 2 inches from the floor.

Do this routine slowly so you can do at least 10 from each side.

Feel the burn yet?

Make sure to keep your back straight.

To add a little somethin' to this - you can add dumb bell weights to each hand (even 5 pounds is good enough).

See? Isn't exercising fun? You didn't need a gym or any equipment? You didn't need a spotter. Health disclaimer: Always check with your doctor to see if you can complete this or any other stretching or exercising before beginning. Be safe. Not sorry.

The thing that I discovered is that if you learn one thing today - remember it tomorrow - and add one more thing - then after a while - you'll be able to train yourself.

Discipline is a whole other blog.

Did you actually do it? Or just read this? Try it. What could it hurt.

Walk the talk people! Keep it moving! It's a journey not a destination!

See you tomorrow!

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