Day 27: Good Morning San Diego!

Today I was featured on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego (Thanks Mike C.)

Click on the link below to watch my segment. It's just about 5 minutes long.

It was a great opportunity for me to get my message out to a large number of people at one time.

And here's another link to a newspaper article about my adventure that was in the San Diego Union Tribune (Thanks Mike S.)

After the morning interview it was off to work - yes - just like any other day.

That's the whole point here. I did not take any additional time off from work over the last 30 days to do this. I went to work like every body else. I was not sequestered on the "Ranch" of The Biggest Loser - this is the real world, folks!

And to make sure I got in as much cardio as possible - yes - I even walked home from work like a little pack mule carrying tourist down a dusty trail to the bottom of The Grand Canyon (ugh!).

I never get a day off! It's all just

Yikes! Only 3 more days left.
Admittedly - I am stuck at the 12 pound mark.
I honestly thought this was going to be a 30-pound miracle month. No one thought that was possible.
Maybe I bite off more than I could chew? Get it?! Ha Ha!
So I adjusted my goal for the month to 20 pounds. Still a little aggressive - but not entirely unreasonable.
What I did not want to happen was to lose any amount of weight quickly - and then just slowly put it back on. Leah was quick to remind me that losing weight slowly is the best recipe for success. (Recipe for success? Ha Ha again... Will the the constant food references never stop?!)
So here I am - almost done with my initial 30 days of eating at McDonald's - only 3 days left - I lost (so far) a total of 12 pounds.
Wanna hear something scary? In my French Fry-Pepsi-chocolate deficient state of mind - I've actually had thoughts of continuing The McDoug Diet (Do It Doug's Way - there's a million of 'em.)
Huh? Serious?
Must been a brief lapse in judgement. 30 days is pretty good to stick to anything. Going for more just seems - well...crazy? Whadd'ya think?
Don't worry. Probably won't happen.
Please keep checking back - even after these initial 30 days have come and gone - I'll still be updating with photos and weight loss.
Remember? Journey. Not destination.

See you tomorrow!

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