Day 28: 2 more days!

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14 pounds!

Yes - I said it - a whole Thanksgiving Day Turkey! (Minus the inside giblet pieces!)

With only 2 more days to go - Monday is just a precious 48 hours away. I can smell the sugar in my first Pepsi already! If you put your face close enough - you can get the fizz from the bubbling sweet nectar on your lips as you raise that golden chalice to take your first sip. Sip hell?! I'm guzzling my Pepsi. Should last about 1 minute I'm guessin'!

Not entirely true. I am a changed person. Huh? What gives? Maybe once in a while I'll a Pepsi - it just won't be a staple of my diet anymore.

Many people have asked: "What next?"

Well...I (obviously) do plan to continue to eat healthy and lose weight - still got about 20 more pounds to go (ugh!) - but after this 30 Day McBinge - I am going to try to eat more organic fruits and vegetables. Heck - at this point - I just want to sit down for dinner and not go through a drive through.

The folks who work at my favorite McDonald's (University Avenue in Hillcrest - San Diego) have become so familiar to me on a daily basis - it seems kinda sad I won't be seeing them regularly. It's like summer camp - and this is the last weekend. I've had my last swing from the tree rope over the lake and now I've already forgotten how good it was... {insert sad face}

But - on the bright side - I am at 14 pounds and should make 15 by Monday - and get this? (I still can't believe it!) - I ate at McDonald's - every day! Yes - truly - nothin' but...

One of the more interesting things I found out (uh oh...self-discovery moment coming up...) I didn't think I could do a whole month with only eating at McDonald's. I mean - that was the whole point - but honestly - now that it is here - I surprised myself. Yikes!

Game night with friends? Nothing!

A weekend in Las Vegas? Forget about it!

Day in and day out. Nothin' but net! (March Madness basketball reference!)

Today: 1 hour of morning cardio at the gym - then an hour of mid-afternoon running - and then a hike up Cowles Mountain. Yup! 3 hours of cardio in one day without breaking a sweat. Well - I did break a sweat...I mean... you get the idea!

Funny thing happened on the way to office this morning - I lost 14 pounds!

Woo Hoo!

See you tomorrow!

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