Day 25: This is my last Wednesday

5 days to go.

This is me at Mt. Helix near San Diego. One great thing about living here in Southern California is the climate. You can always go outside and exercise. There are so many choices for outdoor activities here. One obvious choice is running. You can always get in a good run. You don't need equipment or another person.

After calculating my daily calories with my abacus this morning - I was trying to figure out how many calories you burn running up a hill. When it's hot out. With an extra sweatshirt. Hmm...? I know this much - if it hurts - 'ya must be burning up the calories.

Kinda like the idea - don't worry so much about the numbers on the scale - if your pants are looser - then things are moving right along.

Which - by the way - has totally happened. My fat jeans don't really fit anymore. Pretty loose-y goose-y. I love it!

Sweat is like your fat has turn to moisture and is jumpin' ship. I love it! The harder the workout - the better! If it's hard to breath - you're working hard. I like the down and dirty, gut-wrenching, no-I'm-not-reading-a-magazine-while-running on the treadmill at the gym hard (gimme a break wussies!) - I mean a real workout!

Do you ever see Bob and Jillian on The Biggest Loser say to the contestants:

"Say Kristin, when you get done reading that article 'ya wanna join us for a couple of push-ups?"

Uh - not! Get in. Get out. Get done.

Let me give you a little somethin' somethin' from south of the Mason-Dixon Line that fits in this situation:

{Spit out your chewin' tabacc-y now...} "Git 'er done!"

Yeah - it's simple and stupid - but gawd - it's gets to the point - right?

The fluff and puff of health club lemmings can't be serious. If you want to see a change - 'ya gotta make a change - duh!

And let me tell you about change. Me? Not drinking Pepsi for a month?! Huh? What?

Alert: Blue light flashing. Beeping noise from a fork lift backing up. Here it comes...bumper sticker time (I hate this already...)

Ahem... "If I can do it - so can you!"

I could barely get that out. I hate it. It means nothing to no one. Until you are ready - it 'aint gonna happen.

Was I ready? Geez - I don't know.

All's I'm sayin' is - I was sick and tired of being chunky. (What bothers me about this whole thing is - I never used to be fat. I used to be a healthier weight...)

Whatever...this is not a victim story - just a story about change and possibility. day at a time and one step at a time - anything is possible. You CAN do it.

Now - stop reading this and drop and give me ten!

If you're not used to exercising - just stretching for 10 minutes will feel like a workout. Try it! See you tomorrow!

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