Day 17 - Happy St. "Mc" Patrick's Day

Vegas is going good!

I have not had any alcohol or green beer - even though we got 2 free drinks with our room.

I have only eaten at McDonald's - even thought we got 2 free buffets with our room.

You get lots of free stuff in Vegas! That's the whole point of me coming here. Can I do it? How long can he last? Etc...

So far so good. Truth is - not really tempted. Just focused. Do I want a drink and to gorge at the buffet - duh? - yes! But I'm here for a reason.

Went running this morning on "The Strip". Went past all the big shiny casinos with all the bells and whistles. I really like Las Vegas - it has everything you need - and 24 hours a day!

I've been to 5 different McDonald's - and they've all looked distinctly different. Very cool. Very Vegas.

We took a little "Road Trip" on our "Road Trip" - wen to the Valley of Fire State Park about an hour Northeast of Las Vegas. Geographical wonderland! Incredible red rock formations - very cool!

Gettin' hungry - better stop for some Apple Dippers (no caramel sauce).

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