Day 18 - Home Sweet Home

Just got home from Las Vegas! What a whirlwind of 48 hours! From San Diego to Las Vegas is a 5-hour drive - whew...

I stuck to my diet (even though I don't consider this a diet - just specific food choices...) and got a really good cardio workout in AND in Vegas! Who'da thunk?

When I started this project - one thing I wanted to do was "test" myself to see if the everyday temptations would derail me.

Yes - I did it on purpose.

I didn't want a self-imposed exile turning me into Mr. Spinster McSpinster. The whole point of this was to expose myself to all that the world has to offer - and see if I could make smart food choices.

Answer: Yes.

Now - that didn't come easily. Mentally and emotionally I was kicking and screaming - but I thought pouting about something I did to myself wouldn't help the process - so I put on a brave face and had fun!

There's a McDonald's everywhere you go - I was not hungry.

But - the whole point of vacations (even little one's ) is to enjoy the local flavor and scene. I did enjoy myself and today I'm saying - with no regret - that I'm glad I stuck to my diet.

Could I have exercised more? It's Vegas baby! You have to walk everywhere!

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