Day 19 - The Very First McDonald's

On our way up to Las Vegas - we stopped at the sight of the very first McDonald's in San Bernardino, CA.
Yes - in California - not Illinois with Ray Kroc.
Here's a new addition to the McBlog - see? - put "Mc" in front of anything and it fits - right?
McDonald's started with two brothers who relocated from New Hampshire to Southern California - Richard "Dick" McDonald and Maurice "Mac" McDonald (yes - this is where the "Big Mac" came from) in 1920. They open their first McDonald's restaurant in 1948. It wasn't until 1955 that Ray Kroc became owner of the chain of restaurants and opened his first McDonald's in Des Plains, Illinois.
I'm standing under the original sign from 1948 from the very first McDonald's ever!
The gift shop at The McDonald's Museum has hundreds of pieces of memorbillia. There are original bags, straws and napkins. The walls are lined with historic photos. It was a very cool experience!
Knowing the historical significance of McDonald's and it's humble beginnings makes me want to eat there even more often now! Gimme some fries!


  1. Wow. Keep going!!!!!!!

  2. How much weight have you lost? What do you eat from McD's?


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