Day 12 - Chocolate Covered Grasshoppers

Well...Day 12 and I'm holding steady at about the 8 pound mark. On the Biggest Loser (NBC Tuesday's - check your local listing for times...) Bob and Jillian - Trainers Extradorinaire - say that Week Number 2 is harder to lose weight than the first week...hmmm...

Me too (darn).

I lost 8 pounds the first week and now I'm just kinda stuck there.

I did pretty good cardio today - even tried some Yoga (I kinda like it...) and am taking my first Yoga class Saturday morning. (Just went to Target and got my mat and everything - woo hoo!)

Everyday I wake up - I try NOT stepping on the scale - I don't want this project to be just about the numbers - I want to lose weight and feel good - but I can't help myself.

I'm enjoying every bit of this process - so the scale is not really affecting my eating habits - but I do find myself (insert caution lights...beep beep beep...) "worried" about how much I am eating and if it will affect my weight from morning to afternoon to night - ugh!

Now when I say "worried" - I mean - I am trying to lose at least 20 pounds this month - so every little bit counts - right?

But Jim is quick to point out: "You've been hovering around 210 - 215 pounds for the last 8 years - and now that you are around 195 lbs - you wanna complain about NOT losing weight today - give yourself a break - 8 pounds in one week is pretty good..."

That brings me back to one of my personality quirks: Patience (I'm trying - but I need some more...)

Patience Grasshopper. (Mmmm...chocloate covered grasshoppers...mmm...)

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