Day 11 - Love handle this!

Why isn't the inside of a Twinkie good for you? Or the middle of an Oreo Cookie? Why are French Fries so good and so bad?
I am the product of a system set up designed to control me: Addicted to sugar (yum...Pepsi!) and fatty trans fat foods processed and bleached to perfection to so I can't tell the difference between enriched (sounds good - right?), whole or 100%?
I'm a rat trapped in a maze looking for the cheese - and when I get there - the cheese set out to alure me - will kill me if I eat it! Bastards!
My fatness is not my fault! Where's the magic pill?!
I ran for and hour today (cardio) and then met Leah at Sol Gym (weight resistant training) and then went tanning (Sun Lounge Tanning) so my new-found muscles will show - and then had lunch (McDonald's).
Sweat. Eat. Repeat.

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