Day 10 - Run Forrest! Run!

Many people have asked: "Are you sick of the food yet?" The truth is - not really - not yet...

Obviously - I like the food at McDonald's - so - no, I'm not sick of it yet - but I do miss cooking at home. And - I can't wait until this month is over so I can have a Big Mac and some French Fries. (I am trying not to eat the more fatty items on the menu.)

Today was another workout with Leah (and one more tomorrow - ugh!) and then it was off to do more filming with the crew in Balboa Park. Then - another hike up Cowle's Mountain. It's a great workout and I love to sweat and get dirty! Exercise is FUN! Woo Hoo!

I'm still losing weight - so I feel good about that. But I just want to be 170 lbs. now! It's so unfair to gain weight so easily and so difficult to lose it. Why? What gives?!

I know every calorie in the food I am eating at McDonald's - but now - with each bite - I am also calculating how miles I have to run to work it off. Sure makes enjoying food a little less.

Don't worry - not discouraged yet. Still love food and always will. Nothing better than a cheeseburger right off the grill with a cold Pepsi... mmm... cold Pepsi (a la Homer Simpson when he drools and dreams about food..."I'm with 'ya Homer!").

Has my McDonald's eating routine become - so - well... routine - that I am now having dreams about my long lost beloved friend Pepsi?

"Don't worry dear friend - we will be together again one day."

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