Day 4 - March 4

Calories: 1960

Same food: Snack wraps, salads, apples (hamburger...shh...don't tell...)

No picture today. Why? Cuz I look the same as yesterday! What gives?!

I try to remind myself to be patient. I've never really been good at that.

Today I met with Leah again at Sol Gym in Hillcrest (1040 University Ave. #B-203). No camera crew today - so I was Jones'n for a good workout. I love to sweat and work hard. It went as I expected: difficult. I hope it gets better. I still like it though.

Right after that I went to see Gil at Sun Lounge Tanning (619-683-2066 to get my tan on. My pasty white-ness good use a little color. 4 minutes in the Stand-Up unit is all I needed today. I'll probably stop in there a few times a week.

It was my upstairs neighbors birthday today (Happy Birthday Mark!) and Dave was going to get Pizza Fusion take-out for the party. Anything with the word pizza in it sounds good to me. It's a new company in Hillcrest off of 5th Avenue. The menu is organic. Another 26 days and I can have some too!

McDonald's is good (I like it...) - but I am starting to crave some home-cookin'.

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