Day 3 - March 3

Day 3: 200 lbs.

3 days. 3 pounds. So far so good.

Calories for the day: 2275

(Yikes! A little too much - I had a burger for lunch...)

I meet with Leah tomorrow at Sol Gym for my first real workout - ugh! I'm sure she'll beat that hamburger out of me.

Today I went hiking on Cowles Mountain here in San Diego. Great morning workout!

I met with a photographer today - Phil - he's great! One of the things I wanted to do was a cool photo shoot when this project is all done. So... I've heard people say - if you are undertaking a project like mine - one thing to maybe do is book a photographer for a certain target date so you can't back out of doing the workouts and losing the weight. So - I did.

Tuesday - March 31. I better look damn sexy. And from the looks of todays photo - I have along way to go.

Be patient grasshopper. One pound at a time.

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