Day 5 - March 5

Good News. Bad News.

Good News: 200 lbs. (Although better news would'a been losing weight...)

Bad News: Haven't been to the bathroom (Number 2) since Monday...hmmm...?

Kinda gross - but it is what it is. My body is probably in shock.

Not sure if it has anything to do with my new diet - I still like the food - but at this point - my body is probably screaming: "Can we go to Burger King for crying out loud?!"

Went to GNC and a lady talked me into some $40 colon cleansing formula - let's hope this works!

I'm eating several bags of the green apples from McD's.

You'd think that "Apple-a-Day" thing would'a kicked in by now?

What gives - huh? For Pete's sake...

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