Day 6 - March 6

Good news! I've broken the 200 barrier - I now weigh 199 lbs! Woo hoo!

Bad was Filet-o-Fish Friday at my local McDonald's. That means something maybe I shouldn't have eaten - but it was only $1.29 and I was under 200 lbs. Gimme a break...

Not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh-in...ouch!

Because of my huge success (sigh) I also ate the 3-pack of chocolate chip cookies. OMG - yum!

Drum roll please?

2515 calories. My worst day yet.

By comparison - I have no idea what I was ever eating before - so this might have been just a regular day-in-the-life-of-Doug BM (before McDonald's).

I promise - more pictures to come. Just not Jones'n on taking pitcures (I know - I know...isn't that the whole point here?) until I'm skinny and cute.

For my morning cardio - I did 60 minutes of jogging and hill work. Hard. My side hurts. But I love the pain!

Tomorrow is Leah. I better get some good sleep.

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