Day 8 - March 8

(psst...) I've been hovering around 195-198 lbs. the last couple of days but didn't want to tell you 'cuz I didn't want to jinx it.

Truth is...I do feel lighter - I just didn't want people to say it's "water weight" (ugh!)

Yes - I'm exercising more - thusly (is that a word?) sweating more - duh? YES! I'm losing water weight - but I can't keep off 8 pounds of water weight for a week - it must be globular fat - right?

Well - in my book - yes, I am also writing a book about my experience - insert collective groan - "Save it Mary!" - I feel lighter - and thusly (Twice in one blog? What gives?) - yes - thusly - I feel healthier.

I know it's only been one week - here it comes - (me and Oprah are suckers for quotes):

After setting a goal and wanting to make a change - you can say one of two things to yourself:

1. I'm glad I did. {Insert whatever you wanted to change} or

2. I wish I had.

I pefer the first one.

Yes - I lost several pounds. Yes - some of it is probably water weight. But - I feel lighter and healthier - so - for all the hard work I did this last week...

"I'm glad I did it!"

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