Day 30: I did it!

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Before I get ahead of myself - let me thank a few people who have helped me along the way.

Remember? It takes a village to raise a child? There is more than one man in a one man show!

So here they are - The Village:

You know her - you love her - Leah from Sol Gym! Come on down!

Thanks Ed (Owner) for letting us use the gym.

GoldenLodeStar Productions: Gary and Anthony - thanks for getting up early!

Sun Lounge Tanning Center - one day my abs will shine through - thanks!

The Knotstop - thanks Gordon for the awesome massages! Couldn't have exercised as much as I did without you!

Brad. Someone needs to know what "html" means - right? Just make it happen - I can't be bothered with the details...

Jim. Who knew you could be so patient? Thanks!

And the whole crew at my favorite McDonald's in Hillcrest - San Diego. Thanks for servin' up the goodies!


The Big Mac was introduced in 1968 (the year I was also born). I knew we had a cosmic connection.

This journey is not over. I have about 15-20 pounds to go. I'll be posting photos and comments in the future - so keep checking back for the big ta-da moment.

What's next?

I love cruising (been on Holland America, Carnival, Princess - loved it!) so one thing I think would be a great project would be a "Cruise to Lose".

I think McDonald's could provide all the food - I'd be the motivational guy - and we would invite 2000 people who are over-weight and want to make a change (like me) and just need a nudge. I'll be a nudge.

The week-long cruise would be lots of exercise (of course) and all McDonald's all day. Salads. Grilled chicken wraps, etc... 'Ya think people would like that? Would be fun! We could invite lots of personal trainers. 2000 people losing about 10 pounds for the week? That's 20,000 pounds lost in one week! Wow! Let's get on that one Carnival and McDonald's!

And then there's this idea:

I would run/walk across the country from the "original" McDonald's in San Bernadino, CA to Ray Kroc's "first" McDonald's in Des Plaines, Il. It's about 2000 miles - but that's also a lot of McDonald's to visit. I would stop by every McDonald's I pass by and beg, borrow, steal donations to help the Ronald McDonald House Children Charities. I've always wanted to raise money for charity and do something nice. It's nice being nice. All warm and fuzzy.

I'm also writing about this - maybe McDonald's for Dummies.

You have not heard the last of me. This is just the beginning.

I invented McVeggies!

A small container with celery, carrots, broccoli, tomato's with a little ranch dipping sauce? Yum!

I'll see if McCorporate likes that one.

Starting weight: 203
Ending weight: 188

15 pounds. 30 days.


See you tomorrow!

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