Day 22 - Feed Me Seymore!

I'm not hungry - I should actually be eating less than I am - but I need something (else) to eat!

I love McDonalds's - I want a Big Mac right now! I just need something else I can eat that isn't so healthy or - do I dare say? - boring and bland...

I like the food - it's just that I'm not a dog who is used to eating the same thing day after day after day after day...

I have never smoked cigarettes - but I've heard that smokers who quit - are acutely more aware of cigarette smoke than others. Same here. Not necessarily the smells and texture and flavor of food - but the conversations people have about food: "What are you doing for dinner?" "Wanna grab a drink?" "How about we meet for happy hour?" Ugh!

I need a margarita! I need some chips and salsa! I want to mindlessly walk around a grocery store planning a nice meal at home with all my favorite comfort foods! I'm a meat-and-potatos kinda guy.

8 more days...

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