Day 14 - Party Animal

This was my first real test - I went to a friends for "Game Night".

Everyone knows what I am doing - so this was not sabotage - it was just the regular food you would see at a party: chips, dip, soda and beer, brownies, sandwiches, etc...

You get it? Everything I wanted was right in front of me. And get this - I wasn't really even that tempted.

Weird - huh?

Granted - I love the food - and god knows - I could'a would'a should'a eaten them before - but now - I have a goal in mind and I have to remain focused.

I impressed myself - but I am counting the days to when I can eat this kind of food again. This time around - I will try to keep it in moderation.

But as far as today goes - kudos to me! (Truthfully - I didn't know if I could do it - and I did!)

16 days until a nice cold Pepsi and counting!

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