Day 15 - Half Way There!

I'm gettin' a little nervous - I only have 15 days to go - yikes!

I've lost 10 lbs. so far - but I need another 10 lbs. just to make the minimum of 20 lbs. for my goal.

I went tanning again today at Sun Lounge Tanning - then a pretty good cardio workout and then off to The Knotstop to see Gordon for my weekly massage. He's amazing!

Remember? It takes a village... there is certainly more than one man in a one man show.

Yesterday it was Jean Charles at The Gym @ 745 (right above Kinkos and Chipotle) for my first Yoga class. That was 90 minutes of extreme stretching.

I am finally making some progress in a weight loss program - so I really appreciate the help I am getting from everyone involved - thanks again Village People!

Tomorrow Jim and I head out on "The Great American Road Trip" - woo hoo! We're going to Las Vegas to show that even during vacations, business meetings, or just a weekend get-a-way, you too can eat at McDonald's and stick to your game plan.

No matter where you are - you should be able to find a McDonald's

{Wait...time out... let me find out how many McD's there are in the country - Google - here I come again...}

Answer: The McDonald's web site says over 30,000 world wide and other sites say there are about 13,500 McDonald's restaurants in America - WOW!

Divided by 50 states - that equals 270 Mickey D's in each and every state!

Hmm...? 270? That's how many Electoral College votes it takes to win the presidency of The United States - go Obama!

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